Why BearWyatt for Employers

BearWyatt maintains an extensive network of qualified and competent personnel across a variety of trades throughout the country in order to provide you with the personnel you need in short-order. Our niche is staffing talented individuals across the Industrial and Commercial Construction Industries. Our deep industry knowledge affords us the ability to staff your business right the first time. We know what it takes to successfully staff your operations because we come from the industry.

We offer various types of temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time personnel to meet your requirements.


Hiring managers often find that a staffing agency can help make the employee recruitment process easier, less stressful and more effective. For one thing, a staffing firm can help you craft a job posting that is more likely to draw the attention of the best candidates.


The best staffing agencies also have access to a large pool of skilled personnel who can be difficult to locate on your own. This includes passive job seekers, or professionals who are not actively looking for a new position but would be open to changing roles for the right opportunity. A staffing agency can help your business recruit employees for full-time positions, or the firm can provide temporary support if your search for a full-time worker drags on. 


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